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(8-Year-Old Bestselling Author)

A Long Time Ago, In A Galaxy Far, Far Away...

The 3 Ninja Kitties are transported from their humble home in the woods to another dimension. Lost in a strange new land, they meet Luke Skykitty and join forces to save Han Solo-cat and Princes Leia-pard from Jabba The Mutt, Dog Vader and an army of Imperial Dog Poopers. Using the force, light sabers and their super ninja skills, the 3 Ninja Kitties battle the Dogside.

Find out what happens when they meet the Empurrer, uncover his true identity and his plot to create a Purrfect World Order. Meow!

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Allie, Patches and Bobo are three little kitties who get torn away from their mother when she gets attacked by a super-villain dog. The poor little kitties are separated, and find themselves in the world all alone. Luckily, each kitty finds a loving mouse, who raises them and teaches them super ninja skills. These skills are put to the test when the super-villain dog returns with her two growling puppies.

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About the Author: Phoenix Rose Crane

Phoenix Rose Crane is 8-years-old and a 3-time #1 International Bestselling Author, who loves kitties and claims to be half cat. At at 7 she wrote her first book (by recording the story into her dad’s iPhone) and then drew all the pictures for a 70+ page book. On her 8th birthday, Phoenix became a bestselling author. In the second book of the 3 Ninja Kitty Series, Phoenix wanted to “become” a ninja kitty, so she decided to make a movie, and turn her movie into a book. Phoenix and her friends brought the 3 Ninja Kitties to life, and visited the cat and dog versions of Star Wars characters, in her 2nd book in the series called, Kitty Wars - The Revenge Of The Ninja Kitties. Together with her daddy, Phoenix is also teaching kids (and adults) how to become Super Kids Book Authors. To find out more, visit:

Phoenix gives a percentage of every book sold to help kids and endangered kitties.

Love For The 3 Ninja Kitties

Izzy Webster

“The 3 Ninja Kitties are my favorite superheroes. Now, I want to write my own books! ”

Jenn Foster

“Loved this book. I think it is very useful and loved reading it.


"Changing the world one kid (and one book) at a time."